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bow limb dampeners

Hey everybody, my name is Twila Jean. I just want to take a moment to talk about something that has made my hunts a little bit more successful, and that is Bowjax limb dampeners and bowstring silencers. I started using Bowjax three years ago, they have made my bow a lot quieter.New X Factor Limb Factor Bow Dampener Black Limb dampeners made from an advanced ‘A-Tech’ rubber compound, will fit standard, thin limb, and most split bows, wraps around the limb for 360 degrees of d.Some people I know love drop-away archery rests. can be configured to attach to the upper or lower limb. The full-containment ring offers a side-loading, bristle-guard slot and built-in launcher.Gary Sims shows us how to properly install limbsaver superquads. skip navigation Sign in. search.. recurve bow Limb Alignment the basics. matthews monkey Tails Sting Dampeners – Duration: 4.Alternatives and Additions to String Silencers Install Limb Dampeners. As well as the string vibrating you’ll also find that excess energy from a shot is transferred into the limbs of both recurve and compound bows.Limb Dampeners – Why You Need Them Compound bows are things of mechanical magic, beastly power, and subtle beauty. They can take a 400-grain arrow and launch it at speeds fast enough to cover the length of a football field in less than one second.bowjax slimjax limb Dampeners. SlimJax limb dampeners are designed to be used on thin limb recurve and longbows. They have four flexible arms that attach to your limbs to absorb excess noise and vibration. An extremely effective limb silencer system. Lightweight to not hurt bow performance. Sold in a 2-pack. Available in black and olive. Please specify.Once again, Popular Science celebrates the eternal human urge to go bigger. Two 937-ton steel girders run its length to support the overhang, which is as long as a Boeing 767, and dampers commonly.ZSHJG Archery Bow Limb Stabilizer Damper dampener stabilizer compound bow Split Limb Silencer Vibration Damper $17.59 $ 17 . 59 Dilwe Bow Shock Absorber, 2 Pcs Rubber Archery String Silencer Soft Limb Dampener for Recurve BowsPHOTOS: Inside Hollywood’s Surprise Trip to ‘China’s Oscars’ Chinese satellite television has been littered with shrill infomercials selling everything from Chinese medicine, to blinged-out wrist.